Add live chat widget to blogger

Today in this article we will discuss about an exciting live chat widget by chatroll.  With the help of this widget your blog visitors can chat with each other through a live chat box. It is very helpful in creating small discussions among your blog visitors. Adding this live chat widget to blogger is very easy and is a matter of few minutes.
 Add chatroll live chat widget to blogger

Part 1: Getting live chat widget code -

Step 1: Open Chatroll website and Click on Signup for Free button.
Step 2: At next screen create your new account or login with your facebook account. In my case I use facebook login method.
Step 3: Once you logged in your account then Click on Create a new live eventoption.
Step 4: Next page will be your live widget settings page. Enter name for your widget and click Continue option.
Step 5: Next screen is about platform selection screen. Select Blogger option.
Step 6: Code for your live chat widget will appear. Copy this code and clickContinue option.
Step 7: Now Click on Go to Settings Now option.
Step 8: Now a final page will appear which contains your live chat widget settings like color scheme of your widget. Configure your widget here and save the settings by clicking on Save settings option.


Part 2: Adding live chat widget to blogger -

Step 1: Login to your blogger dashboard and select your blog.
Step 2: Select Layout option and Click on Add a Gadget option.
Step 3: Select HTML/JavaScript widget.
Step 4: In the HTML/JavaScript widget paste the code of the live chat widget which is obtained in the Step 6 in Part 1 of the tutorial.

Step 5: Save the widget and enjoy.

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