How To Reset Your Blogger Template

Foe newbie bloggers it's a headach that sometimes while tweaking a template it starts behaving strangely. It is because keeping a backup of healthy templates is always advisable. Today we will be dealing with how to reset a customized template. But before resetting yo need to understand the parts and section of the templates.

Different Sections Of Any Blogger Templates

This is how the main section of blog template looks in new Html Editor.
new html editor in blogger

1. This highlighted section is the Main Section of Blog.

main section in blogger template

2. This highlighted section is the section of Comments and Feedlinks.

comment feedlinks section in blogger html editor

3. This highlighted section is the section of Threaded Comments.

threaded comments section in blogger template

4. This highlighted section is the Post section of Blog.

post section in blogger template

Now you have become familiar with where the different sections of a blog template reside. Now let's take overview of the above mentioned sections.


1. Main Section is the section which defines the outlook of the pages in a blog.

2. Comments and Feedlinks Section  defines the comments and feedlinks settings in a blog template.

3.Threaded Comments Section defines the settings of threaded comments in a blog template.

4. Post Section defines the settings of a post page in a blog template.


Suppose there's any error in display of comment box of your blog. Then you must follow the below mentioned steps

1. Make another blog in blogger platform with a simple template of blogger.

2. Now enter into it's it's Template → Html Editor.

3. Suppose post page settings are changed while tweaking and it's showing very strange template to you on preview of your template.

4. So now find the Post section of new blog you have made with simple template of Blogger installed in it.

5. Copy the Post section of new blog template. 

6. Now open the Blog template→Html editor in new tab in which you have found error.

7. Find the Post section in the template with error.

8. Now replace it with the Post section of that you have copied from new Blogger template having installed a simple template.

You can do this trick for the other sections too, like you can similarly fix the error in comment-section, Threaded-Comment section or Main-section.

Note: It is strictly advised that before attempting to tweak any template you must keep a backup template of it in your hardisk.

"Error occured due to invalid css property can't be fixed with above method"

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