List Of Free Domain Names Providers

Contrary to what people think, there are several reliable free domain provider the world today, for those who can’t afford a paid domain name (.com, .net, .mobile etc.), you should go for the free domain option available.
This post is aim at outlining the various services out there for free domain names and what they offer.

  • DOT.TK This is unarguably the most popular free domain provider. DotTK offers free .tk domain names, as well as paid .tk domain names ($6.95/year). The free domain come with a twist though – a Free .TK Domain automatically expires when it does not receive the required minimum of 25 unique visitors during the previous 90 day period. DotTK supports frame redirects, and also allows you to use your own name servers to easily integrate into your .TK domain into your website. They also offers their own DNS service if you prefer yo use it. If you do not set your website to properly redirect or if the DNS is still updating, your .TK domain will display a parking page with advertisements.
  • CO.CC Behind DOT.TK is CO.CC. They support Windows Live Custom Domains, integration with Google Apps, as-well as Blogger custom domains. also they also offers their own free DNS service with full NS, MX, A and CNAME records.There are absolutely no ads for .CO.CC free domains unlike others.
  • CC.CZ CC.CZ is another good free domain provider. Though the CZ prefix does imply Czech Republic, but registration is in no way limited to other users, and their domains are accessible world-wide. Contrary to CO.CC, they allow free short 3-character domains. One good thing about them is, You can register their free domains for two years, so that relieves you of worrying about renewing it. Domain renewal is always free too.
  • CU.CC This is another full featured free domain provider
  • .UNI.ME, a fairly new provider who launched in December 2011, is partnered with Microsoft to offer free domain names to students and educators. Members can register unlimited domain names per account – and the domains are set to never expire.
  • SmartDots offers several free domain names, each of which come with Full DNS management, 300MB of hosting space, no bandwidth limits, an email and an ftp account, along with full PHP + MySQL support with the hosting. This is as full-featured as it gets really.
  • FreeDNS offers 90,000+ free domain name options for you to choose between – easily the largest selection of any provider out there. This includes full DNS management – along with support for Dynamic DNS, Round Robin DNS, and robust support for CNAMEAAAAAMXNSTXTLOCRPHINFOSRV records.
  • Redirect.It offers a free url redirect service for webmasters, with a choice of 11 creative subdomain options.
  • is a Free Domain Name project that was developed to provide Free Domain Names or Free Subdomain of domain name to those who wish to get a cool and free domain name, free subdomain or free short URL, that looks like a real paid domain name.
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