5 Best Facebook like popup box for blogger blogs V2 Gadget

Well here i am making a Facebook like popup box for blogger which is also nice to install.When you install it it and when someone visit you any blog page it will display on the front which ask you to like the page and its very simple and clean.

Here is screenshot of this widget

=========== #1 ==============

So you have to do these steps to install it on your blogger blog

          1.  Go to blogger dashboard  >  Layout
          2.  Now click on  >  Add a gadget
          3.  A box will appear select  >  HTML/Java Script box by scrolling until you find it
          4.  Now paste this code into the box and click on  >  Save

Remember, At end of this code you will find mbgadget  words replace it with your own fb like page username.

=========== #2 ==============

So this new gadget looks like this

So you have to remember in this code you have to find mbgadget and replace it with your Facebook username. 

So here is the more info about this box:
So now i am explaining the every part of this widget which is only for blogger blog. so here it is,
If we look that this box is very easy to install on any kind of blogger blogs, you just have to copy the code and paste it into the HTML gadget to the inside section of blog.
Its not very difficult to do so, You don't need to edit any type of template code to add this gadget it very easy to install.
Well while looking at the structure of the box then this box is more better then ever. Its very simple and clean you can easily understand that what type of this box is, Its normal display the like button of your facebook page it bring more likes.

This widget bring attention to your facebook fan page to like it and get updates from the fan page, if your blog is better and bring much better results and traffic then its good for you to add it up.

As i think this is one of the most powerful way to increase your fan page likes, if you have a little blog on blogger then you have to add this on your blog, its really boost your likes of fan page. Its simple work that, a visitor come to your website because of your brilliant content and if he really impress then he like your page.


I will update soon remaining 4 like box currently working on it

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